Baron Hill stands shoulder to shoulder with firefighters in Columbus to show their support of his candidacy.

Millionaire Mike goes to Washington

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Baron Sets the Record Straight

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Immoral Money

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Veterans for Baron!

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Clean Campaign Pledge Ad

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Mail Pieces

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A special thank you to the people of the 9th District for voting to bring the change we need!

Baron looks forward to serving the 9th District in Congress, and being an independent voice for Southern Indiana.

Driven by competition

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. Those who know him well say they understand what drives Baron Hill: a remarkably strong competitive streak.

SODREL: Washington Insider who wants to abolish the minimum wage

SEYMOUR Congressman Mike Sodrel last night confirmed once again that he is out-of-touch with the people of Southern Indiana and is not looking out for the best interests of the average, hardworking Hoosier in Congress.

Hill Stands Up for Our Troops, Veterans

SEYMOUR Baron Hill today adamantly denounced Senator John Kerry s recent remarks concerning our troops and has returned the $1,000 contribution Senator Kerry has made to Hill s campaign. Hill has sent a letter to Senator Kerry expressing his disappointment with the Senator s comments and is calling for our current leaders in Washington to stop the partisan bickering and start caring for our troops.

Disabled vets like Hill

Disabled American Veterans honored Democrat Baron Hill Monday for his record on veterans issues, commitment to veterans and service to Indiana's veterans and their families.

Disabled American Vets Praise Hill

NEW ALBANY Baron Hill today was honored by the Disabled American Veterans (DAV) for Hill s commitment to our veterans and his strong record on veterans issues. The award praised Hill for his devoted service to Indiana s veterans and their families.

U.S. House 9th District: Baron Hill the best choice

Our editorial board has not endorsed candidates in congressional races in recent years, but circumstances in Washington and the mood of area voters have prompted us to reconsider for one race in 2006. Our endorsement in the 9th District goes to former congressman and Democrat Baron Hill.

Local Democrats rally

Democrats rallied behind congressional candidate Baron Hill Thursday night in both Clark and Floyd counties.

Hill calls for much-needed change in Washington

SELLERSBURG Baron Hill today called for much-needed change in Washington to fix a Congress that is broken and corrupt.

Hill for Congress in Indiana's 9th District

Baron Hill can help get the nation back on track. We enthusiastically endorse him.

Bayh: Hill will boost U.S. safety

U.S. Sen. Evan Bayh, D-Ind., said Republicans in Congress are failing to defend the United States from terrorism, and Democrat Baron Hill can help bring change necessary to ensure the country's safety.

Hamilton campaigns with Hill

Cheers greeted Baron Hill and Lee Hamilton Wednesday morning at Seymour Community Center as the former congressmen discussed health care, the Nov. 7 election and the current state of Congress.

Republican vet plans to cast vote for Democrat

This Republican is voting for Democrat Baron Hill; only he has earned my trust and respect.

Hill predicts 'sea change' in Congress

Former congressman Lee Hamilton made a quick stop in New Albany yesterday with Democratic House candidate Baron Hill in an effort to energize voters less than two weeks before the Nov. 7 election.

Challenger's pace hectic

BROWNSTOWN - Baron Hill starts every morning with a cup of green tea, the newspaper and a four-mile run. He said he needs to stay fit to keep up with the hectic pace of campaigning for Indiana's 9th District congressional seat, the seat Hill used to fill and hopes to fill again.

Sodrel Lies About Campaign Contributions

SEYMOUR Congressman Mike Sodrel today lied about receiving over $47,000 in campaign contributions from Big Oil. On the WTHR political show Indiana Insiders, Mike Sodrel said, Big Oil didn t give me any money (WTHR Channel 13, 10/22/06). According to the Center for Responsive Politics, Mike Sodrel has received $47,512 from oil and gas industries, including $15,000 from ExxonMobil Political Action Committee.

Hill: Sodrel 'insensitive' about health insurance

Democratic candidate Baron Hill laid into Republican congressman Mike Sodrel Thursday for saying some people lack health insurance by choice.

Let's Clean It Up!

I believe that we must overhaul the House Ethics Committee if we are serious about cleaning up the mess in Washington.

Retirees' group backs Democrat Baron Hill

The Alliance for Retired Americans yesterday endorsed Democrat Baron Hill in his bid to unseat 9th District U.S. Rep. Mike Sodrel, a Republican.

Mike Sodrel Blames Hoosiers for Lack of Health Coverage

SEYMOUR Clearly unconcerned with the fact that over 45 million Americans do not have health insurance, Mike Sodrel blames Hoosiers for choosing to go without medical coverage. According to an article in today's Herald-Times, when Mike Sodrel was asked about the estimated 45 million Americans without health insurance, Sodrel said many of them go without by choice and buy color televisions rather than pay for insurance. [The Herald-Times, 10/18/06]

Sodrel Skipped Vote to Protect Our Children

SEYMOUR Congressman Mike Sodrel skipped a 2005 vote that would have better protected our children from violence by cracking down on violent and explicit video game manufacturers. The Republican resolution urged the Federal Trade Commission to launch an investigation of the Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas video game and impose the strictest penalty if the game manufacturer was found guilty of intentionally deceiving the Entertainment Software Ratings Board to avoid an "Adults-Only" rating. [HRS 376, Vote #419, 7/25/2005;]

'Swift Boat' funder backs new group's anti-Hill ads

A second political organization bankrolled by Texas homebuilder Bob J. Perry is attacking Democrat Baron Hill in Indiana's 9th District congressional race. Perry was the chief funder of Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, which attacked 2004 Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry over his Vietnam War record. This year, he gave $5 million to the Economic Freedom Fund, a California organization that paid for automated "push poll" calls attacking Hill.

Hill targets federal deficit

Congress must reign in its deficit spending, Ninth District Democrat Baron Hill told a townhall-type meeting Saturday morning at Larrison's Diner in Seymour.

Republican Ad Blatantly Distorts Hill's Record on Protecting Children

SEYMOUR The National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) today debuted a television attack ad that goes after Republican members of Congress as well as Baron Hill. The ad criticizes Hill for voting against an amendment to HR 1501 back in 1999 an amendment that 92 members of the Republican Party also voted against.

Hill Stands Up for Our Farmers

SEYMOUR Baron Hill today called on Mike Sodrel to stand up for Hoosier farmers citing the fact that Sodrel has voted to cut $3 billion from agriculture programs in just two short years in office. As if that wasn t enough, Mike Sodrel voted to endanger the Farm Service Agency Offices and opposed country of origin labeling on meat products, a blow to U.S. consumers and producers alike.

AARP data differs between Hill, Sodrel

Several issues ago, I submitted a letter cautioning voters against believing the political spin found on billboards and in campaign mailings. The voting record of the candidate is the only data that should influence our vote. The areas in which the voting records of Hill and Sodrel do differ widely are: 1) deficit spending, 2) health care and Rx drugs, 3) senior issues (Social Security and pension security), 4) wage issues (minimum wage and prevailing wage), 5) support of public education and 6) energy policy.

Ad distorts Hill's strong record on defense

SEYMOUR Americans for Honesty on Issues, the latest group to mislead the people of the 9 th District, is financed by the same donor who bankrolled the Swift Boat attack ads against Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry in 2004. Republican donor Bob Perry gave the newly organized Americans for Honesty on Issues $2 million in September, and he currently is the group's only contributor.

HILL: We need a change to get back on the right track

SEYMOUR Baron Hill today held a series of town hall meetings to discuss the change that is needed in Washington. Hill spoke about the need to clean up the mess in Washington, which includes our country's fiscal house. Hill was joined by Congressman Allen Boyd (D-Florida), a member of the fiscally conservative Blue Dog Coalition in the House of Representatives.

Hill Calls for Ney to Resign Immediately

SEYMOUR In yet another example of the widespread corruption in the Republican Party, Congressman Bob Ney (R-OH) today admitted to taking money, gifts, and favors in return for official actions on behalf of Jack Abramoff, the Republican lobbyist who pleaded guilty earlier this year, and Abramoff s clients. Ney has not resigned his congressional seat, and according to the Washington Post, Several officials have said the congressman is financially strapped and needs his $165,200 annual paycheck and benefits as long as he can continue to receive them.

Eleven Days and Counting

JEFFERSONVILLE Eleven days since it was discovered that Speaker Dennis Hastert and others in the Republican Leadership covered up a sexual predator, Mike Sodrel has yet to hold the Republicans in the House Leadership accountable for misleading the public and putting their own political interests ahead of our children.

Ten Days and Counting

SEYMOUR Ten days since it was discovered that Speaker Dennis Hastert and others in the Republican Leadership worked to conceal a sexual predator, Mike Sodrel has yet to return the immoral money he has received from Speaker Dennis Hastert, Majority Leader John Boehner, and NRCC Chairman Tom Reynolds. Additionally, the Washington Post is reporting that Congressman Jim Kolbe (R-Arizona) knew about Mark Foley s inappropriate relationship with underage House pages as early as 2000.

Eight Days and Counting

SEYMOUR Eight days since it was discovered that Speaker Dennis Hastert and others in the Republican Leadership worked to conceal a sexual predator, Mike Sodrel has yet to return the immoral money he has received from Speaker Dennis Hastert, Majority Leader John Boehner, and NRCC Chairman Tom Reynolds. Sodrel also has refused to ask for the resignation of Speaker Hastert and other Republicans who chose to cover up Mark Foley s inappropriate relationship with underage House pages.

HILL: We must work to make our nation more secure

NEW ALBANY Baron Hill today joined Senator Evan Bayh (D-IN), a member of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, in calling for the implementation of the 9/11 Commission recommendations to make our nation more secure.

Sodrel should return Immoral Money from Hastert, Republican Leadership

SEYMOUR In a thinly-veiled attempt to hide the fact he has accepted immoral money from House Speaker Dennis Hastert, Mike Sodrel yesterday canceled a scheduled joint appearance with Hastert at the Jeffersonville Rotary Club. Hastert, along with other members of the Republican Leadership, worked to conceal a sexual predator for months, possibly years. Sodrel now will speak to rotary club members solo.

VFW committee endorses Hill for Congress

Ninth District Democratic congressional candidate Baron Hill yesterday accepted the endorsement of the Veterans of Foreign Wars Political Action Committee.